Dyno Plumb Manchester

Dyno-Rod Plumbing, Manchester

Claire and Darren McNeil acquired the Greater Manchester Dyno-Rod Plumbing patch in February 2023, “It’s been such a busy eight months,” comments Claire.

“The majority of the time has been spent establishing and stabilising the business and building the foundations from which to grow. But there is so much to think about - so many different areas to set up, and a lot of coordination to make sure all the business departments we need to run are in place and working correctly.”

“We needed a van quickly (being a key part of our business development) so that we could start delivering our services. However, being a new trading business on paper, getting finance was going to be challenging. After Lilah reached out to us, and knowing they have done business with other franchises in the group, we discussed with her what we needed, and right from the start she was so helpful. She owned everything for us, taking our specification and translating that into a van. She worked with us to overcome our issues around finance, finding us a solution without having to spend hours on the phone coordinating the set up and the finance (time we just didn’t have with all of the other tasks we needed to complete).”

Capital Fleet provided Claire and Darren with a full set up and branded van so they could quickly get out on the road, and following this, has supplied a further four vans in total to date. “Capital Fleet Solutions has been exceptional, ” adds Claire. “Without them we would have needed to go through a time-consuming process, and probably wouldn’t have got the outcome that we wanted in the same way and timescale. If you would like a pain-free process to get your vans on the road, they are a great provider to go with.”

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