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How We Have Helped Others....MetroRod Glasgow

The Glasgow franchise of MetroRod has been run by Andrew Johnston for the last nine years. With seven vans in its fleet, as well as a tanker, the team service a wide area in Scotland, offering all of the usual drainage services you come to expect from MetroRod.

Andrew has been working with Jason for at least the last seven years and uses Capital Fleet Solutions for all his van packages. “Its a one-stop-shop,” Andrew comments. “It takes time and organisation to get your jetter, your van wrap, your camera etc from different places. Sure you can do it, but then if something goes wrong you have to deal with lots of companies again, which just takes more time out of your working day. All I do is pick up the phone and Jason will sort out everything I need - all the coordination - the ply lining, checkerboard flooring, shelving, jetter and camera. All I need to do is speak to him and then wait for the van to arrive.”

Andrew’s fleet consists of new Ford Transits (“a great choice for us,” he says). “In the beginning, to save money, I bought used. However, I think I would say that’s one of the things I would warn against. With new, you have no maintenance worries for three to four years and that makes a huge difference. If it’s in the garage for even a couple of days, not only do you lose the money to repair it, but it’s off the road for two days, and that can impact significantly. Getting good kit is also important for the same reasons - you need it to work when it’s supposed to, and if your jetter is out of action, the whole van can be. Using Capital Fleet Solutions means I don’t have to worry about this - they always give me a great standard of product. That’s why we keep coming back to them every time we need to add or replace a van in the fleet."

2021-08-07 - Jason